Air Suspension Design Book, Vol 1 – Link Based Rear Suspension hasn’t been forgotten! Life and business slowed progress, but the end result will be a much more comprehensive end product.

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Here is an excerpt from the book:

I can’t be too hard on people who don’t understand the importance of suspensions though, how are they supposed to know any better? It’s not their fault if no one has explained it to them, which is precisely why I have taken the time to educate and inform those who don’t know or mistakenly think they know – in hopes to shine light on the subject and better our industry as a whole. Of course I run into a fair number of those who are suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect, who believe that whatever cobbled together mess of bars and urethane joints that they came up with must be right, because “it has to be! I know how pinion angle works; it has holes everywhere and I laid some dope welds too. Shit – just look at those fancy reservoir shocks – no way that can’t be correct geometry, right?!?” Yeeeaaahhh… Ummm… No. The quality of fabrication has absolutely zero influence on the legitimacy of the design, and in an effort to emphasize this better let me say that again in simpler words, just so it sinks in:

Just because it is beautiful does not make it right.